Urgent International Intervention Needed in Sudan Amidst RSF and SAF Conflict, Telecom Disruption, and Massacres Risks

4 min readFeb 12, 2024


FREEDOM TO TELECOM SERVICES [SUDAN 2024], KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtsey by Artist

Flash News

“According to internet observer NetBlocks, all three of Sudan’s major internet providers were offline on Wednesday, disrupting connectivity for millions of people who were either escaping for their lives or remaining in crisis zones.”

“A widespread cash shortage could also cause e-wallets, on which a lot of people rely, to freeze as a result of the network outage.”

“In an appeal for $4.1 billion to support people who have fled to neighbouring countries and to satisfy their humanitarian needs, the UN on Wednesday asked nations not to overlook the civilians caught up in the conflict.”

“Around 25 million people, or half of Sudan’s population, are in need of humanitarian aid and protection, and the UN estimates that over 1.5 million have fled to South Sudan, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, and Ethiopia.”

FREEDOM TO VOICE CALLS, KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtesy by Artist


Sudan’s recent turmoil has been further exacerbated by a grave crisis involving the conflict between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), plunging the nation into chaos and endangering civilian lives. With the eruption of hostilities on April 15, 2023, the country has become a battleground, where innocent civilians bear the brunt of violence and upheaval.

Understanding the Crisis

At the heart of the conflict lies the transformation of the RSF into a formidable force under the leadership of General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, driven by ambitions for power and control. This struggle for dominance has torn apart the fabric of Sudanese society, exacerbating existing societal fault lines and leaving communities isolated amidst the chaos. The disruption of telecom services has further deepened these divides, hindering vital communication channels and exacerbating the challenges faced by civilians caught in the crossfire.

Connection to Genocide

The disruption of telecom services not only undermines the basic rights of Sudanese civilians but also poses a grave threat to their safety, reminiscent of past atrocities. The June 3, 2019 massacre serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by such disruptions, as they enable perpetrators to act with impunity amidst the chaos of conflict. By impeding communication, these disruptions facilitate violence against civilians and heighten the risk of further atrocities, including genocide. International intervention is crucial to address this urgent threat and prevent further loss of life.

International Response

In light of the ongoing crisis and the legacy of past atrocities, international intervention is imperative to restore connectivity and hold perpetrators accountable. While diplomatic efforts and humanitarian aid offer some hope amidst the chaos, decisive action is needed to address the root causes of the conflict and ensure the safety and well-being of Sudanese civilians. The disruption of telecom services underscores the urgent need for coordinated international efforts to prevent further violence and facilitate peace-building initiatives in Sudan.


The disruption of telecom services in Sudan amidst the ongoing conflict and recent massacres highlights the urgent need for international intervention. By restoring connectivity and addressing the root causes of the crisis, the international community can play a crucial role in safeguarding the lives and well-being of Sudanese civilians. The time for action is now to prevent further loss of life and pave the way for a sustainable peace in Sudan.


FREEDOM TO SMS, KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtesy by Artist
حرية الوصول للرسائل, KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtesy by Artist
FREEDOM TO TELECOMMUNICATIONS [SUDAN 2024], KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtesy by Artist
FREEDOM TO EXPLORE [SUDAN 2024], KunTa The BLeU Pepe, Courtesy by Artist




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