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Deca.Art #NFT Curator Galleria Series [KunTa]

What’s Dec.Art?

Deca.Art is a web3 platform [] that enables art curators to assemble galleries using NFTs from almost all blockchains. The Deca.ART team adopted gamification and competition techniques to stimulate user onboarding.

I won two Deca.ART competitions, so I decided to translate my galleries into a series of blogs.

Series No.



The Promised Lands

Gallery’s Short Summery

Sympathetic investigation to comprehend the valuation behind the top “Highest Sales” #NFTs #Artworks gathered throughout 6529’s four selected wallets.

The gallery boldly presents the well-known collection “The Memes by 6529.” Memes indicate a cultural chronology that leads to a new intellect and superconsciousness.

A Meditation on GM | MP4 | The Memes by 6529


King KunTa, Principle Director & Artist



I learned from many creatives that one of the most important elements to staying authentic is not rushing your creative process. Instead, let it go beyond all types of boxes and even deadlines.

My story with one of the ultimate #NFT collectors in space 6529 is a living example! I had that type of creative block when it comes to 6529’s collected #NFTs. It was one of the most intense blocks that I had, for no particular reason at all.

I initially encountered 6529 through one of his massive OM threads. Then I kept running into him at Cozomo’s castle. I knew he was a real #degen #wagmi leader well before I curated anything from his collections. Nonetheless, the brutally cold creative blocks prohibited me from immersing myself in 6529’s galleries.

6529Seizing | jpeg | The Memes by 6529

Even when it came to 6529’s Deca Competition, I knew I didn’t want to participate! As a curator and WAGMI degen, I needed to check the addresses [one day before the deadline].

I knew that with a single glance, I could capture the spirit of 6529’s intense collecting habits. I’ve already gone through roughly 15+ of the top galleries submitted on my daily Deca’s gamification quests.

It was obvious that the valuation mechanism is a huge gap that can be filled with great amounts of emotions and data to understand Pepe and become Pepe.

Curator’s Comment №1

Oh Lord

I know

I am going

CyberMetaverse | GIF | The Memes by 6529
CryptoPunk #7121 | PNG | CryptoPunks

Last Sale Price | ETH 1,180 [USD 3.1M]

CryptoPunks launched as a fixed set of 10,000 items in mid-2017 and became one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. They have been featured in places like The New York Times, Christie’s of London, Art Basel Miami, and the PBS NewsHour. We can also notice that the zombie rarity [green skin] has the highest sales, reaching up to 2000 Ethereum.

I was ecstatic when I discovered a CryptoPunk at the top of the list. Goosebumps appeared when I realized 6529 was a sincere fan! He is the sort of person who is always willing to give back to the community.

I greet you, fren!

King KunTa is always at your disposal!

UncleSeize | jpeg | The Memes of 6529

The CryptoPunk valuation technique is simple:

  1. [Date of issuance] — CrypT0Punk is the birth of the ERC-721 by developers to the globe.
  2. [No. of Editions] — There are only 88 editions of the Zombies type out of a total of 10,000. Looking at the sales numbers reveals a distinct group of investors!
  3. [Dankness Power] — I mean zombies are really terrifying and powerful.

Quick Break

Mad King On BLeU

Now it is time for a mad king on “BLeU Coke.” The young king went crazy on the new trends, as he could only create “BLeU CC0” artworks and utilities.

Couple of shots, many whitish trails, and a sticky laced one.!

Wtf are you doing anon?

Mad King On BLeU | GIF | BLeU …

Curator’s Comment №2

I am keeping young ones away from the gangs.

Cuz THESE DAYS it seems like HATERs fav subject







DALL-E’s Revenge | JPEG | The Memes of 6529
Fidenza #313 | PNG | Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs

Last Sale Price | ETH 1,000 [USD 3.3M]

I discovered that a curator cannot pick, comprehend, or immerse himself in any particular work of art in a couple of days. Curation is akin to trust in that both require time. I figured I could curate the renowned artworks acquired (assuming I already knew who they were) in less than 48 hours. It took me more than three days to get a first impression of Fidenza #313 only.

“I believe Fidenza #313 (The Tulip) is among the very, very most definitive Fidenzas.” — 6529

To get a peek or an insight, I had to apply a mythological lens to this. I could see an infinite number of blue tulips — sure, blue tulips! But a blue tulip does not occur in nature, as I recently discovered. Except for the blue tint, nature would give us with all of the tulip colors we desire. This is scientifically proven! I believe this narrative helped me to understand the secret behind Fidenza #313 valuation.

Do you know that Fidenza’s algorithm instantly generates and mints these miraculous tulip curves and blocks on-chain with no human intervention?

Can a machine that learns by mimicking nature produce a blue tulip?

Even if it isn’t found in nature?

Long Answer

It appears that 6529 accepted nature’s blessing. The real blue tulip on Fidenzas indicates that 6529 discovered a hidden treasure that will be disclosed in the future.

Short Answer

Such a diamond, I suppose, would never exhibit such beauty unless examined by a pure blue heart.

The BLeU tulips here are dedicated to the remembrance of Sudan’s BLeU martyrs. We must safeguard our children in order to retain the BLeU uniqueness inside them. After producing three BLeU artworks to memorialise the martyrs, I composed these remarks.

See you on the other side,

The BLeU Side!

BLeU f0r Sudan …


G0d is Typing …




Self-Taught Artist | Freedom Activist | Human-Centered Designer and Researcher