Celestine Prototypes [Sudan’s Times] — File 1.1.1

3 min readJan 29, 2023

Revolutionary Tale Initial Files

Pepe KunTa

Celestine Prototypes [Sudan’s Times] is a visual-graphic adaptation of an old revolutionary story that I began on December 25, 2018. a tale of a young African super hero and a white rhino named “Sudan”.

The files will be infused with insights from James Redfield’s novel “The Celestine Prophecy” in order to fuel our innovations into more actions and ideas.

ArT 1.1.1 — [Sudan’s Times]

The first arT [Sudan’s Times] depicts “Sudan,” the last male white rhino who died in March 2018. The artwork takes the form of a framed magazine with a cracked window or logo in the upper corner.

The cover art foreshadows the true nature of the events that will be built upon in the following folders, insights, and files.

Folder. 1

File. 1

It all started in March 2018, when “Sudan,” the last white rhino male, died. Thoma, Sudan’s old friend and park guard, knew exactly what to do. He didn’t break the news until he had successfully transferred those ancient decodings to the “DNA Decoder.” Thoma is startled to hear the rapid motor sound of a number of government cars approaching.

“Follow that person!”

While getting out of a black SUV, one of the agents yelled.

Nobody expected Thoma, an old guard, to move so quickly to the bushes. A massive old Mercedes Benz jumped out of the trees and shrubs at breakneck speed. The appearance of number of government vehicles triggered a high-speed chase.

Thoma managed to disguise himself as a traditional Kenyan while keeping the decoder attached to his body hidden inside the bushes. He knew that this chase-out maneuver wouldn’t buy him much time, but it would provide him with a safe haven to hide. He relievedly smiled as he took one last, quick look at the blue stone as it flew away.

[End of File]

Annex — Art Collection

The collection is a working prototype for a major project (details to be revealed in asap). A reworking of an old story that I sketched, scribbled, and jotted down in 2018–2019. It was inspired by my country’s massive revolution.

The story immerses the audience in the life of a young Sudanese superhero named “Sarah” as she discovers her newfound abilities. Passionat econflict between the desire to destroy everything and the need to protect the innocent’s freedom.

The artworks will be available in ten limited editions, followed by a 1-oxtz auction on the ObjcT marketplace. The auction’s final price will determine the price of all editions. If the auction does not end with a sale, all editions will be priced at 0.5 XTZ.




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