16 Initiatives/Programs OpenSea Should Have Implemented Yesterday (Because, Honestly, We’re Waiting)

5 min readMar 25, 2024

In the boundless, ever-churning sea of NFTs, OpenSea has crowned itself the de facto leader, a beacon of… well, something. It’s been quite the spectacle, watching OpenSea navigate through the digital art revolution, occasionally reminding us of its existence through new features that feel more like afterthoughts than genuine innovations. But fear not, for I’ve taken it upon myself to draft up 16 initiatives and programs that OpenSea *should* have implemented by now, especially if it intends to live up to its self-proclaimed title as the NFT leader.

A sea of motherfuckers on platform 24, XCOPY, 2019, via https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xb932a70a57673d89f4acffbe830e8ed7f75fb9e0/6186, CC0 License

1. Emerging Artist Spotlight Program

Ah, visibility, the elusive dream of every emerging artist wading through the OpenSea. Imagine a place where your work isn’t just a drop in the ocean. The Emerging Artist Spotlight Program is this dream wrapped in a proposal, offering a glimmer of hope that, yes, someone out there might actually see your art. Weekly features, interviews, and highlighted artworks? Groundbreaking. If only it were real.

2. Artist Incubation Accelerator

The Artist Incubation Accelerator — because what’s better than throwing artists into the deep end and watching them try to swim? This initiative promises mentorship, technical support, marketing guidance, and, wait for it, financial grants. A novel concept, truly, helping artists to not just float but maybe, just maybe, sail.

3. Collaborative Art Projects

In the spirit of community, the Collaborative Art Projects initiative is like saying, “Let’s all hold hands and paint a giant mural on OpenSea’s walls.” Facilitating collaborations between established and emerging artists, this idea might actually make the platform feel like less of a cold, digital marketplace and more like a warm, fuzzy art commune.

4. Educational Resources and Workshops

Education is power, and in the NFT realm, it’s also surprisingly scarce. The proposal here is to fill this void with resources, workshops, and live sessions on everything from blockchain basics to copyright laws. It’s kind of like OpenSea saying, “We care about you learning stuff,” which would be a refreshing change of pace.

5. Curated Collections by Art Experts

Curation in an ocean of digital assets? Groundbreaking. By inviting curators and art critics to handpick collections, OpenSea could add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the platform. Plus, it gives those with an eye for art a chance to shine, amidst the endless waves of pixelated pop culture references.

6. Social Media Showcase Campaigns

Because what’s the point of creating if you can’t shout about it on social media? OpenSea’s Social Media Showcase Campaigns could offer artists that sweet, sweet dopamine rush of likes, shares, and retweets. Finally, a use for social media beyond cat videos and dance challenges.

7. Tokenized Art Residency Programs

Imagine an artist residency, but make it virtual and make it tokenized. The Tokenized Art Residency Programs could be a way for artists to develop their work with actual support and resources. It’s a bit like saying, “Here, have some space and time to create, on us.” Revolutionary, if you think about it.

8. OpenSea Art Grants

Throwing money at artists to encourage them to be bold and experimental? The OpenSea Art Grants sound like a fantasy, yet here we are, dreaming. Because sometimes, all an artist needs to break new ground is a little financial nudge.

9. Community Voting for Artist Features

Nothing screams “community” quite like letting everyone have a say. With Community Voting for Artist Features, OpenSea could democratize the spotlight, making the platform slightly less of an oligarchy and more of a digital art democracy.

10. OpenSea Marketplace Insights for Artists

Knowledge is power, and insights are… also power? The OpenSea Marketplace Insights for Artists initiative could arm artists with data on trends, collector behaviors, and pricing strategies, making the wild west of NFT sales slightly less wild.

11. Virtual Gallery Spaces

Because every artist dreams of their own gallery, even if it’s in the digital ether. Virtual Gallery Spaces could offer artists personalized corners of OpenSea, where they can curate their collections as they see fit. It’s like having a tiny museum with your name on it, minus the gift shop.

12. NFT Minting Workshops

Navigating the minting process can feel like decoding ancient hieroglyphs. NFT Minting Workshops could illuminate this dark art, turning bewildered artists into confident minters. A little light in a very confusing tunnel.

13. Sustainability Initiatives

With the carbon footprint of NFTs being a hot topic, Sustainability Initiatives could show that OpenSea cares about the planet as much as it does about profits. A green thumb on a digital hand, if you will.

14. Global Art Competitions

Nothing stirs the pot like a little competition. Global Art Competitions could bring artists together in a friendly battle for supremacy, all while fostering community and creativity. Because who doesn’t love a good showdown?

15. Cross-Platform Collaboration Programs

In an age where isolation is the norm, Cross-Platform Collaboration Programs could bridge gaps between different digital realms, bringing artists and audiences together in unexpected ways. Think of it as OpenSea’s way of playing nice with others.

16. Digital Rights Management Support

In the digital age, protecting one’s work is paramount. Digital Rights Management Support could provide artists with the tools they need to safeguard their creations, because there’s nothing more heartwarming than knowing your digital babies are safe and sound.

New Initiative for Curators: Curation Fees and Galleries

And for my fellow curators, here’s a thought: Curation Fees and Galleries. Imagine being compensated for your keen eye and hard work, with dedicated spaces to showcase your curated collections. It’s a simple nod to the importance of curation in the art world, and a step towards acknowledging that curation is, indeed, an art form in itself.


So there you have it, 16+ initiatives and programs that OpenSea *should* be tripping over themselves to implement. Because in the vast, sometimes overwhelming sea of digital art, it’s initiatives like these that can make all the difference. It’s about time OpenSea started swimming with purpose, don’t you think?

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